Edith Kollath,
Nothing Will Ever Be The Same

2009–18, motors, programming, transparent fabric
approx. 250cm x 250cm, height variable

Chance and the effect of forces such as gravity and air resistance become a decisive factor in nothing will ever be the same. In this installation a translucent cloth is set in motion, getting lifted up in the air and then falling over and over again by means of an automatic mechanism. Similar to the human breathing rhythm with the phases of inhalation, exhalation and a pause, the action repeats itself rhythmically and yet results in a subtly different visual outcome each time it is let go from above. 

Therefore the cloth becomes a sculpture that changes and moves incessantly, taking random shapes by air and gravity. As the cloth falls and rises, the air sneaks into its folds, showing its invisible body –with an almost human-like corporeity. The cloth acquires a life of its own, like a dancer that leaps into the void, making a minimal impact against the hard surface of the floor. During the next fall the cloth will ‘improvise’ a new choreography, completing a different orbit through the air and landing on a different spot.

Edith Kollath

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